Cheap calls Australia, India, China. Long distance calling cards,

Cheap calls Australia, India, China etc. Long distance calling cards, online-shop. PIN instantly. Best rates!

Cheap calls Australia. Online-shop. Lowest rates calls to Europe, Russia, Canada, Israel, Australia, and 
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Lowest rates calls to Europe, Russia, Canada, Israel, Australia, and


Cheap calls Australia, India, China * Lowest rates call to Europe, Russia, Canada, Israel, Australia, Japan!

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at t card On Sale Now! International prepaid phone card to Australia, long distance cal to Australia and unlimited calls to India from Australia.
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Cheap calls Australia. Best Calling Rates. Online-shop.
Austria 2.5
France 2.3
Germany 2.3
Italy 2.4
Kazakhstan 11.1
Lithuania 8.8
Poland - Warsaw 2.0
Russia - Moscow 1.9
UK 2.0
Ukraine - Kiev 8.3
Uzbekistan 9.8
Armenia 9.3
China 2.0
India - Bombay 11.0
Israel 2.8
Japan - Tokyo 2.5
Malaysia 3.0
Pakistan 16.7
  North America
Canada 1.9
USA 1.0
  South America
Mexico - Mexico City 2.9
Argentina 3.9
Bolivia 10.0
Brazil 3.3
Chile 2.8
Colombia 4.0
Venezuela 7.8
Cheap calls Australia 2.4

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Russian America Top.

Cheap calls Australia, India, China and 170+ countries. Long distance calling cards, online-shop. PIN instantly. Best rates!