Wireless Communication

Those who were born in the late 50s will surely remember the rotary dial telephone. One needed to put their finger in the hole associated with a particular number and move the dialler clockwise until their finger reached the trap. They then release the dialler and follow the same pattern with the next set of numbers until they dialled the entire sequence of numbers in order to establish communication with the phone they tried to connect to. These devices were purely mechanical and did not have any electronic parts. The advancement made by electronics let to the manufacture of circuit boards, which allowed telephone manufacturers to come up with touch button phones. While these devices are fixed, meaning that one cannot shift it from one location to the other (cordless telephones had yet not made their appearance).

Wireless communication

Although the walkie talkie had made its appearance in the market, it was used solely by the law enforcing agencies initially. This is due to the reason that long range devices might allow criminals to communicate with each other and carry out a crime successfully without alerting the police. However, it was not long before companies started manufacturing low range versions of the walkie talkie, targeting the common people. It is now widely used in the construction industry and a host of other industries. Guards of trains use this device to communicate with the driver of the train. One can also purchase low cost versions of the walkie talkie, primarily manufactured keeping kids in mind. A brief search of the net will provide details of many companies that manufacture this device. However, if you are looking for something tough and rugged, which will provide you with years of perfect service; look no further than binatone walkie talkies.

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What communication devices are there?

Apart from the devices mentioned above, we now have mobile phones, which include the traditional version as well as the smartphone that allows people to interact with each other via online chats and video messaging.

What is the difference between them?

While the mobile phones work only if there is a transmission tower nearby, there is no such restrictions on the walkie talkie in which these devices communicate with each other using a fixed frequency. One can also use satellite phones to communicated from any part of the world. The flipside is that this device is very costly and so are its call tariffs. Apart from this, there is a lag of a couple of seconds while talking with it. This means you have to wait for a few seconds before the person you are communicating with hears your voice and responds to it. This is unlike other phones where both the parties can talk with each other simultaneously.

Who uses communication device and why?

Anybody who wishes to communicate with someone else uses such a device. It can be used to talk with friends or colleagues, or to talk with your business partners to inform them with details of your upcoming project.