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International Calling Cards
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International Calling Cards

Our shop is dedicated to provide you with a wide range of Prepaid International Calling Cards. Buy cards online and enjoy the best prices for calls to the country of your choice. High quality of communication and the lowest rates 24 hours per day of 7 days per week are accessible. You can find cheaper rates when you use international prepaid calling cards. Prepaid phone cards for any your needs, and cheap long distance phone srvice. In advance prepaid international phone cards in any of 250 countries.
Cheap Calling Cards and Best International and Long Distance Rates. VoIP, Variety of Telecommunication Services and cheap international phone service for Israel, cheap calls to India and Australia.

International Phone Cards

The best rates for calls to the Europe, Russia, Canada, Israel, Australia, China and Japan, etc. Our International calling cards and preliminary prepaid long distance calling cards provide the lowest prices to call in many countries which provide greater duration of conversation than ever before with no or low connection fees. Buy cheap telephone cards and international prepaid phonecards with cellular cards and online calling cards. Receive instantly PIN with great International phone cards comparison. The international voip service provider telephone superstore of telephone cards with low rate Phone Cards.

Long Distance Calling Cards

VOIP service provider sell International calling cards, prepaid international phone cards, cheap long distance phone cards, worldwide cheap calls. Our International calling cards have best rates for calls to Europe, Russia, Canada, Israel, Australia, China, Japan and more then 250+ countries worldwide. Phone cards online. Cheap international and domestic long distance phone cards. Save on international calls. Fast and secure order. prepaid international long distance phone service with cheap domestic and international calling card rates without phone card gimmicks. Long distance calling cards from voip service provider. Get PIN in seconds. Buy online now!

Buy online and save! International qualitative long distance phone cards and prepaid calling to the cards accessible from 250 countries all over the world. Qualitative international telephone cards (the prepaid Telephone Cards) with Cheap Calling Rate, are accessible from everywhere in the world. Buy International calling cards and the prepaid Telephone Cards Online from the comfort of your Home 24 hours a day 7 days a week and do Trunk calls to and from any country.

Long Distance Phone Service

Using an overseas calling card, you can make unlimited long distance calls with best long distance rate. You can buy in our long distance calling cards Online Store long distance phone cards Australia, cheap calls to Europe, Russia, Canada, Israel, China, and prepaid calling cards for more than 250 countries of the world. Get local and long distance phone service from voip service provider. Our shop offers enterprise VoIP solutions, local and long distance phone service, international calling, residential long distance. Cheap international phone service for Israel, cheap calls to India from Europe and Australia.


Prepaid Phone Cards

We offer cellular phone service and wireless phone services for you too. Call from anywhere to anywhere Amazing low rated prepaid phone cards. Here you can buy the cheapest prepaid phone cards, including prepaid international and domestic cards, as well as cellular and online calling cards. Prepaid calling cards and prepaid wireless cards at discounted prices every day. Prepaid Calling Cards - Shop the variety of pre paid calling cards available from Mobile Caller and voip service provider. Save money and get a cheap long distance calling cards and calls to India and Australia.


Hot Deals and News
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PIN-Less Dialing - Register phone numbers you call from and use your phone card without entering a PIN Speed-Dial - You can make calls by pressing three keys only!
Card Features
PIN-less Dialing
Call directly from your phones without entering PIN. Register phones using My Account.
Refillable Cards
Refill/Recharge your PIN anytime - add more minutes. Keep your Permanent PIN!
Autorefill Option
PIN is automatically refilled when balance is low. To Activate - select autorefill option on the purchase screen.
WEB Calls
Initiate low-cost international phone calls from a web page! No PIN needed to place a call. No software to download and install.
SMS Calls
Send us an SMS text message with a phone number you want to call and we will connect you!
PC to Phone Calls
Use Internet connection or any SIP equipment to place worldwide phone calls for less!
PDA Calls
Initiate low-cost phone calls from your PDA or cellphone. No PIN needed!
Conference Calls
Bring up to 50 callers together with the Continental card's conference calling...and save a bundle!
My 800 Number
USA/Canada Toll Free Number linked to a number of your choice worldwide!

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International Calling Cards

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